Monthly Archives: September 2014


What’s going on?

We are Duc and Laurel (read more about us here). We work together at a software company, where the self-inflicted punishment for causing any type of temporary harm in a codebase is to bring the company donuts. So we… eat a lot of donuts.

Duc has always sought out donuts. He finds them to be the perfect combination of fluffy and moist, sweet and sticky, soft and crisp. Laurel appreciates these elements of donuts too, but with much less zest. She has a great overall appreciation for food, and thinks that at their best, donuts sure can deliver. But at their worst… Damn! They are not worth eating.

We thought we should probably find all the places in Ithaca that make donuts, and ascertain, once and for all, where is best.

How will it work?

We will each rate the donuts on a 5-point scale. There are just two categories: texture and flavor. The scores of both will be added together, and our individual scores will be averaged together to create their official ranking score (out of 10). As we taste all the donuts in Ithaca, we will end up with a definitive ranking based on these scores.

Why are we doing this?

Because it sounded like a fun thing to do.

Is that it?

I think that’s it.