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Donuts from Boston

We were fortunate enough to have a friend of a wife of a friend visiting from Boston, who brought us donuts. Yes, apparently we know how to find really great humans — three levels removed, and this guy wants to bring us donuts. We are feeling pretty lucky.

And then, he not only brings us donuts, but he brings us donuts from two different donut shops! Seriously. Thank you, Tim.

Disclaimer: these donuts were about 24 hours old by the time we got to them. But Laurel literally ran from yoga to get there as soon as possible, and Duc abandoned his breakfast of pancakes and other indulgences to come to our friend’s house so we could… eat 5 donuts. Our lives are pretty tough.

Ohlin’s Bakery

The first box we try is from Ohlin’s Bakery. Apparently known for their maple-frosted yeast donuts. And wow. What a maple donut it is.

The dough has a nice yeasty smell to it, which pairs beautifully with the sweet maple frosting. We are impressed by an almost chewy texture, which one can only assume was near perfect when fresh from the store.

Duc ranks the donut a 4, and Laurel a 4.5.

Excited, we move on to the second donut from Ohlin’s, a chocolate-frosted cake donut.

Ohlin's Chocolate Frosted Cake Donut

Unfortunately, the cake donut is mediocre at best. A dry, vaguely cinnamoned cake is met with a thick chocolate frosting, which tastes fine but just isn’t particularly chocolatey.

“It tastes… like a donut,” Laurel says. We both rank the donut 2.5.

So, averaging out the scores of these two wildly different donuts, Ohlin’s gets a 3.5.

Verna’s Coffee and Donut Shop

The second box is from Verna’s Coffee and Donut Shop, which apparently is known for the honey-dipped chocolate cake stick you see below:

Verna's Chocolate Cake Donut

It is horrendous. Sorry, Verna’s, but we don’t even know what to say that’s positive about this donut. Way too dense, and with a strange flavor, Laurel forces a second bite before setting it down.

Duc ranks it a 1.5, and Laurel gives it 1.

The second donut from Verna’s is a lemon-filled yeast stick donut.

Yikes! This donut is really, excessively bad as well. A dry, flavorless dough surrounds a medicinal, I-guess-that’s-citrus filling. The powdered sugar that’s coating the outside doesn’t even taste good. Verna’s, no!!

The donut gets a 1 from both of us.

The final donut is a chocolate-frosted yeast donut.

Verna's Chocolate-Frosted Donut

And… we’re speechless.

This might be the best donut we’ve tasted in the history of the blog. A light vanilla-scented sugar glaze surrounds a fluffy, moist, near-perfect dough. The chocolate glaze sits on top, a bit more chocolatey in flavor than many previous chocolate glazes we’ve tasted, and the texture is simply wet and delicious.

We are floored.

Verna's Chocolate-Frosted Donut

This is truly a great donut. We both give it a 4.5 rank. How do we reconcile this with the others?

Averaged out, Verna’s gets a 2.5 ranking. But we would absolutely travel to Verna’s just to get that last donut. So maybe there is something flawed with giving ranks to these places.

Ohlin’s, too — its averaged-out rank absolutely doesn’t reflect the deliciousness of that maple donut.

Would it be better to have an overall rank AND a rank for single best donut? Should we not even have ranks? How do we allow for this type of discrepancy?

If you have thoughts, let us know.

Special shout-out thanks to Kevin, Anna, Tim, Megan, and Mike.