Who are we?

Co-workers! We work together at a software company in downtown Ithaca, NY.

We like donuts and we like Ithaca.
Join us as we taste donuts around the Ithaca area, seeking the best.


Duc is a donut lover (actually, more like a doughnut lover and a donut hater — read more on that here).


Duc is from New Jersey, and moved to Ithaca in 2009. Duc has one vegan wife and four non-vegan cats.


Laurel never really liked donuts until working with Duc and hearing him endlessly singing their praises, but she has an immense appreciation for eating (and cooking) food.


Originally from Seattle, Laurel landed in Ithaca in 2010 and discovered a new home. She now appreciates the intricate beauty of a well-crafted donut, and continues to enjoy chasing a decent one in Ithaca NY.

9 thoughts on “About

    1. What a wonderful surprise to see ourselves on your blog!!! We had a great day too. We think you are totally AWSOME, lovable, fun, and adorable. XOXOX MOMPS: I also have a palm which I started from a date pit– just had to say that since you alluded to my green thumb!

    2. in the words of Pete Seeger, 90 plus year old folksinger, banjo-playing agitator, “One blue sky above us, one ocean lapping all our shores, one earth so green and round, who could ask for more…….” I’d like to break all borders too, end all wars and hunger and greed

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