Donuts from Seattle

So. I am originally from Seattle, and I was there last week, coincidentally, for a conference. This being the case, in just 3 short days, I had to pack in a whole trip back home, AND attend a conference, AND get donuts.

Riiight? So much to do.

Boats in Seattle before Donuts

And so many boats.

OK, so it wasn’t that hard:

But I was somewhat limited with regard to where I had time to acquire donuts.

Being at the Convention Center, and wanting to buy them as near as possible time-wise to my flight so I could share them with Duc, I decided to check out the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company, located in a stall at Pike Place Market.

Full disclosure: these are mini donuts.

Fuller disclosure: I actually think this is the perfect size for a donut: (A) they are small so you can eat lots of different flavors without committing yourself to an afternoon of stomach misery, (B) it’s less hard to perfect the dough, because it cooks at a more unified temperature than larger donuts since there’s a smaller volume of dough to penetrate, (C) you can easily cook them fresh to order, and (D) they’re freakin cute.

So I got a dozen of them.

There was a tasty mixture going on. Maple frosted, chocolate frosted, a citrusy glazed one, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar… they were all tasty.

What I loved about these donuts was their crisp and crusty outer shell, which contrasted a delightfully fluffy, flavorful inside. Again, the size of the donut was key here, as you got to experience all of these textures and flavors together in one bite.

Daily Dozen Doughnut

And I haven’t even told you about the flavor of the dough yet, which I found almost citrusy (Maybe there’s some lemon zest in the dough??? A good idea to try regardless), with a richness that felt buttermilky and smooth.

So. I brought my little brown paper bag all the way to Ithaca to give Duc a taste. And taste he did.

Now, of course he didn’t get to experience the right-out-of-the-donut-robot freshness, but sitting on my porch he could taste the potential. He went to work and with a microwave-toaster combo, recreated the scene.

We both rated the donuts a 4. Some of the donuts weren’t totally fresh and their textures suffered a bit — and normal people don’t get 12 donuts to choose from when they reach their hand into their brown paper donut bag. Amirite??

Now. Do we have any Seattle readers out there? Where should I get donuts from the next time I visit??

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