We admit, we tried some vegan donuts from GreenStar almost two years ago (yikes!), and didn’t like them… and we didn’t say a word.

That’s transparency right there. Well moreso now than then, but the point is – Greenstar upped their donut game and we are excited to tell you that their vegan doughnuts are now certainly worth eating.

The old GreenStar donuts suffered from a bagel-like condition. The crust was tough like a bagel skin, and the inside was bready – also, very much like a bagel. It was quite strange.

We’re lingering on this because it’s important for you to understand that if you have tried their bagels donuts before, it’s time to try them again.

GreenStar Vegan Donuts

I might be eating my hair, but this is serious business.

GreenStar’s donuts are now moist and tasty – the sugar isn’t cloying, the dough has plenty of nice coffeecake-like spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, whathaveyou) – and there’s no strange fry-oil flavor to be found. It’s a win.

The crust is thin and crisp, not thick and chewy like the bagel donuts of yore.

GreenStar Vegan Donuts

GreenStar vegan donuts

They remind me of Duc’s homemade donuts, which is a feat, because those donuts were pretty damn good.

GreenStar’s donuts pop up in their breakfast bar at the Oasis, next to the egg and cheese breakfast wraps and sandwiches. They can be found at the Buffalo St. GreenStar in the bakery shelves all day (well, until they sell out).

Duc rated these a 4/5 for texture and 4.5/5 for flavor, and I rated them a 4/5 for both categories, giving GreenStar a proud place at #4 in our donut lineup.

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