Harrison Bakery (Syracuse)

More donuts from Syracuse!

Duc snagged us a tasting of donuts from Harrison Bakery after taking his wife to the airport. He brought back an assortment of donut varietals, which look pretty alright upon donut box unveiling:

The Tasting

We begin by trying Harrison’s plain glazed yeast donut, which has a texture on the outside almost like a bagel, in that it’s more like a skin than a crust. In a strange change of pace, thinks the inside is too dry, and Duc isn’t as bothered by it. Duc is more concerned by the chewy outside texture.

The rest of the yeast donuts follow suit. They are similarly airy and light, without any significant flavor or texture to provide substance. The chocolate on the chocolate-frosted donut tastes like powdered hot chocolate mix.

Harrison's Bakery donuts

The cinnamon-roll donut is surprisingly bland and doesn’t have any of the nice texture contrasts of fluffy vs. oozy, which you normally find in a cinnamon roll.

Harrison’s most interesting donut represented here is the PB&J, which is a yeast donut with strawberry filling and peanut butter frosting. Unfortunately, we wish there was more intense peanut butter flavor in the topping, and the balance is way off, with a gratuitous amount of filling, whose flavor, as Laurel puts it, is “offensive to strawberry jam.”

As we move on to cake donuts, we find a hard crust that makes the donuts hard to break open, and a severe lack of moistness. The insides are textbook dry, and the toppings are barely even there. The powdered sugar.. tastes like sugar… while the cinnamon and sugar combo is shockingly hard to taste.

“I’d rather eat a Tim Horton’s donut,” Duc concludes.

Harrison Bakery – Texture Scores:

Duc: All of the yeast donuts have this wrinkling that is indicative of a bad sogginess that provides a strangely tough and chewy outer texture. The cake donuts were just way too dry and hard.
Score: 2/5

Harrison's Bakery donuts

Laurel: I want to hope that these donuts are a day old. Their texture is day-old material. But how could all of them be a day old? That would be surprising.
Score: 2/5

Harrison Bakery – Flavor Scores:

Duc: They didn’t have enough flavor. I was particularly disappointed in the PB&J donut, which I could have loved because I love peanut butter things.
Score: 2/5

Laurel: None of these were enough. Even the simple glaze on the plain yeast donut wasn’t sweet enough. I just wanted more flavor, period. And not fake flavor like that chocolate frosting.
Score: 2/5

Overall Thoughts

So, adding everything together, Harrison Bakery gets a score of 4/10, which just isn’t very good for anyone. It’s not very fun to give a bad review, and we don’t want to do it. We’re sorry, Harrison. It’s a true lose-lose.

Perhaps it’s also worth noting that Harrison’s does make a wide variety of other baked goods, so it’s possible that donuts just aren’t their strength. We noticed that the bakery has pretty good reviews online, so maybe their other offerings are more their specialties.

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