Indian Creek Farm

Just a few miles north of downtown Ithaca, Indian Creek Farm is a great place to pick 60 varieties of apples, load up on other produce, or visit a food truck. But of course, we have a singular focus here, and on a recent visit we were lucky to find fresh apple cider donuts.

Indian Creek Farm

Another in the line of simple-is-always-best, it doesn’t take much to keep this operation going. A blender filled with recently-mixed batter sits behind the worker, ready to refill the dispenser that periodically plops little blobs of dough into a river of hot oil. The donuts are automatically flipped at just the right time to achieve a uniform golden brown.

Once plucked out of the fryer, the donuts are presented to you in a paper bag, and you get to apply cinnamon sugar into the bag yourself, shaking it around to achieve your preferred donut sweetness.

Indian Creek Farm 1

The Tasting

Watching the donut machine is mesmerizing, but its creations are even more interesting. They look phenomenal fresh out of the fryer — crispy on the outside and hot steam indicating their moist insides.

It’s all about the dough here — in a simple, machine-driven operation where not much varies batch-to-batch, that dough can make or break the donuts, and luckily for us, it’s damn good.

Indian Creek Farm 2


: There’s just the right amount of crunch as you break through the crust of the donut and then you’re met with warm, moist cake. This is the best way to enjoy a doughnut, but you so rarely get them this fresh. Because it’s a little unfair, we also tried them well after they had cooled. The crunch is gone, unsurprisingly, but interior stays remarkably moist and cakey.
Score: 5/5

Laurel: The texture here was pretty spectacular. Even 3 days later, they were still moist and fluffy. My only complaint is that some of the donuts were too small, so the texture of the dough was compromised a bit by the oil seeping in from the outside.
Score: 4/5


Duc: They’re unmistakably apple cidery and I love that. The cinnamon sugar definitely adds a lot, as well — it’s an essential pairing that’s particularly great here because you can decide how much to use.
Score: 5/5

Laurel: The flavor was pretty damn good. You could taste the tart sweetness of apples, and it was paired with a subtley sweet, somehow lightly acidic, fresh dough that inspired me to try making some apple cider donuts of my own. None of the overly-apple-pie-spiced bullshit that you commonly find in an apple cider donut. This was straight apple, thank you.
Score: 5/5

Final Score

So, Indian Creek gets 9.5/10, and we’re pretty happy with that. We want more. Someone bring us some? We’re at work.

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  1. My name is Orson Leonard, AKA the maker of the donuts at Indian Creek. I really liked the review you left me and I was wondering if you could maybe take a trip out to little tree and taste their donuts? Because someone at my farm said that their donuts are better than mine.

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