Krumpe’s Do-Nuts

On our way home from a trip to Charlottesville, my wife and I stopped for lunch in West Virginia. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to find some donuts, I searched Yelp for local delicacies. Right across the border, tucked away in Hagerstown, Maryland, was a highly-regarded family establishment called Krumpe’s Do-Nuts. I had to check it out.

The shop is tiny and hidden in an alley that you would never go down, if not for the excellent signage:

Krumpe's Do-Nuts

The yeast donuts are uniquely chewy to me — in a good way. The texture is very pleasant and the insides are moist. They all have just the right amount of topping, be it glaze or cinnamon sugar, to accent the tasty interior.

The only cake donut, which is chocolate, also provides a rare experience for me: it actually tastes like chocolate. The cake is firm, but moist, and again I enjoy the texture immensely.

[Editor’s note (i.e. a note from Laurel): This is pretty hard to believe. I have never in my life tasted a chocolate cake donut that actually tastes like chocolate. Either is taunting me, or I need to get to Maryland, posthaste!]

Krumpe's Do-Nuts - Chocolate Donut

Krumpe’s 80-year history of doughnut-making certainly shows in the product’s quality. I happily concede that these are great donuts, and I can certainly imagine eating all of them, although I limit myself to a more reasonable quantity (let’s say 3, for the sake of argument), before giving Krumpe’s a perfect score.

Yes, that’s right. Krumpe’s gets a 5/5.

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