Northstar Brunch

If you like eating food at all, I imagine you’ve probably been to Northstar for brunch. And if you haven’t, you sure should get your butt over there regardless of your desire to eat donuts.

With a constantly-evolving seasonal menu and some kick-ass brunch cocktails, Northstar is pretty much a delight of a brunch spot. Their buttermilk doughnuts are always on the menu, with a sauce du-jour that’s spread over the top or resting below on the plate. Frequently with a fruit sauce or a chocolate sauce, we tried them on a day with a peanut-butter caramel sauce.

But of course, first we had to eat real food:

…which was obviously delicious. Northstar really gets portion sizes right. It’s worth noting.

OK. On to the donuts.

Northstar Donuts

On the plate, they look fantastic. These donuts have the obvious advantage of being fried to order, and they meet that expectation with a lusciously crisp and crunchy outer shell.

Northstar Brunch Donuts

Texture is an important part of donut-eating, and the outside really delivers here.

Northstar Brunch Donuts

Of course, flavor is important too, and their dough center is a little sweet and a lot flavorful, unlike many donuts we have tasted.

Unfortunately, the dough is just a touch dry. But it’s not enough to ruin the experience, and the tasty caramel sauce takes care of it pretty quickly.

Northstar Brunch Donuts

So, fairly full from brunch, we devour the plate. And we have to conclude that this is a great Ithaca donut. Northstar Brunch! We REALLY didn’t want to have to give you a bad review. This is great news.

The donuts get a 4.5/5 from both of us, and moves into the top spot for Ithaca. Woohoo!


It may or may not be worth mentioning that ended up returning to Northstar for dinner. So 100% of the food she consumed for the day (save a margarita) was prepared by the Northstar staff…… if you needed to be convinced or anything.

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