Our Favorite Donuts

Since we’re planning to eat them whenever possible in our reviews, we thought we’d take a moment to talk about our favorite donuts and what we like about them so much.

Duc’s Favorite – Glazed Yeast Doughnut

I generally like uncomplicated foods and I appreciate it when someone perfects a very simple product. Without a lot of different flavors distracting your palate, you can really taste when the dough has nothing interesting going on, or the glaze is too sweet, or the fry oil is too old.

Your standard glazed yeast-raised doughnut is straightforward and unpretentious. I like fluffy, moist innards. I like it when the glaze is smooth and non-tacky. So, for instance, you can run your finger over it without getting sticky, but it’s not so dry that it’s hard and crunchy. The plain sugar glaze tends to produce a thinner coat than the frosting-type doughnut toppings, allowing you to really taste the dough. A truly balanced doughnut.

Laurel’s Favorite – Old Fashioned Donut

In its very nature, this donut is least donut-like of all the donuts. I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s more like a piece of cake that’s deep-fried and submerged in frosting, which fills the valleys of the donut crust like a flood overtaking a small village. I find that it frequently has much more flavor than other donuts, with vanilla often taking center stage, which of course, no one should ever complain about.

Apparently, this kind of donut is called a Sour Cream Donut in many places in the northeast, which is just as well because the more interesting the dough, the better the donut, and sour cream is a great additive. The introduction of sour cream brings a rich fullness, and when met with a bright, fluffy cake, this donut can be killer.

What’s your favorite donut?
Convince us why your favorite donut is better than ours and we’ll include it in our reviews. Check out this incredibly ridiculous list of donuts!

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