Serre’s — Again!

Remember that time we had two very disappointing experiences with donuts from Syracuse?

First, at Serre’s (here’s a quick refresh):

And then at Harrison’s (sorry, no photo montage available for that one)???

Well, something happened.

We got yeast donuts from Serre’s. Actually, we got ALL the donuts from Serre’s. (The cake ones were still terrible.) But the yeast ones… my, oh my.

They delivered.

So we have to add a second review. We’ll average our scores here with our scores last time, for its official ranking.

Serre’s Yeast Donuts

We start by trying the white-frosted donut. Instantly we are in awe — the texture is amazing.

Serre's Donuts - Yeast Donut

Soft and fluffy, but moist — perfection on the moist scale. Utter perfection. We are floored. Duc is actually speechless.

gets straight to business and notes that the flavor of the dough isn’t particularly good. It’s fine, but it doesn’t really taste like anything. And the flavor of the frosting is unknown — wouldn’t it be nice if it tasted like more than just sugar? But she loves everything else about it, and gives it a 4.5.

Duc gives it a 5.

Next, we taste the plain glazed — Duc’s favorite.

Serre's Donuts - Yeast Donut

It’s pretty much perfection to Duc. The light crustiness of the exterior matched with the perfectly fluffy and moist-but-light interior — Duc scarfs it down, immediately rating it a 5.

Laurel is equally impressed. She eats her share and (citing the still-existing lack of flavor in the dough) rates it a 4.5.

Finally, we have a chocolate-frosted donut that has a funky little centerpiece — the dough is actually filled in, where the hole perhaps once was. Does this kind of donut have a name? It must.

It’s pretty awesome, too. The chocolate frosting tastes chocolatey, and we are quite satisfied.

The only thing that’s pretty goddamn weird is the huge chunk of white frosting sitting on the strange filled-in piece of dough.

Laurel is just confused.

Serre's Donuts - Yeast Donut

We certainly leave the large majority of that part sitting on our plate. But the rest of the donut is superb, and we eat it with much pleasure.

Laurel rates it a 4, and Duc a 4.5.

…And that’s all she wrote.

Amazing yeast donuts from Serre’s. Average score ends up being a 4.5.

So we average this with the cake donut score (2.5), and Serre’s ends up at 3.5/5. It’s all very interesting.

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