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  1. HeiJeg er velidg klar over at det er to forskjellige personer, og jeg er enig i at det kunne se litt rotete ut- Jeg har endret teksten noe og lagt til et bilde for å prøve å gjøre innlegget mer ryddig-Takk for vellmenende råd-

  2. “If these two things are true, nothing exists from which we can infer any moral principle… This leads to the conclusion that the Holocaust was permitted.”Sopii myöskin kysyä että jos jumala on olemassa ja holokausti ei ollut “sallittua”, miten se sitten saattoi tapahtua?

  3. freedom and liberty to progressives like the idea of the federal gubment forcing us all to buy goods and services, under penalty of law.Is "progressive" a euphemism for something else? As in "special"?How about you buy your own, and I buy mine, if I want it.

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