Shortstop Deli

Did you know that Shortstop has donuts?

Duc did. That’s a donut radar, if you ask me.

Shortstop Deli Donuts

Shortstop’s donuts are apparently made every day, although they clearly aren’t making the dough at Shortstop, so we wonder if it’s the same dough that Ithaca Bakery buys. The donuts appear somewhat similar, although Shortstop’s are a bit fresher — a bit more moist.

Shortstop Deli - Plain Glazed Donut

Our first tastes are from the plain glazed yeast donut. It is pretty average. Not too much flavor, but what’s there is non-offensive. It’s somewhat moist, although still ultimately too dry for our *ahem* highly trained donut palettes.

Shortstop Deli - Plain Glazed Donut

gives it a 3, and Duc gives it a 3.5. Pretty average.

Next, this very-aggressively-frosted cake donut:

The frosting is of unknown flavor. We really don’t know. Citrus? It’s strange, it doesn’t make sense — the frosting melts, or… doesn’t melt… in a very strange way on our tongue. We are quite confused.

Shortstop Deli Donut - Frosted Cake

The white-frosted donut gets a 2 from Duc, and a 1.5 from Laurel.

We move to the chocolate-frosted version, which is better.

Shortstop Deli Donut - Chocolate Frosted Cake

The cake is dry, not very flavorful, and ho-hum. The chocolate frosting is sort of hot-chocolatey — not very good but not very bad either.

Laurel gives it a 3, and Duc gives it a 2.5.

Cinnamon sugar?

Shortstop Deli Donut - Cinammon Sugar Cake

Somehow the cinnamon sugar flavor ties in the flavor of the cake more, making the dry aspect slightly more tolerable.

We both give this donut a 3.

And of course, the worst for last, the dreaded chocolate-cake donut.

Shortstop Deli Donut - Glazed Chocolate Cake

To give it credit, although it tastes terrible, the texture is pretty nice. Oddly moister than the other cake donuts.

But it does seem like no one can get this donut right. Seriously. Have you ever had a delicious chocolate cake donut? Please, someone. We’re starting to think it doesn’t exist. Laurel is starting to think she’s going to have to make one herself, to see what the problem is.

We both give it a 2.

Final Thoughts

OK. So we were a little bored by these donuts. They were super average — they sort of sufficed, but they didn’t really satisfy our desire to indulge.

Shortstop Deli Donuts

But we were happy to be back tasting donuts for the Ithaca Donut Review.

All averaged out, Shortstop gets a 2.5/5.


Our friend Kevin passed through at the end of our tasting and was somehow extremely pleased with these donuts.

Shortstop Deli Donuts

“What do you think?” we asked.

“I think they’re great!” he said.

Well… they’re still donuts.

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