The Smash Truck

The Smash Truck, which has a really awesome logo and boasts fresh, local food creations, was parked at the Argos last Thursday, and tweeted us to let us know they’d be serving some donuts we should try.

Their “website” doesn’t quite make it clear if they have a regular schedule of locations, but the Ithaca-based food truck is quite new and we assume they are just starting to figure these things out.

The Tasting

The donuts look pretty nice. We can see what looks like a very crisp and thick crust, which is desirable, and the cinnamon-sugar scent is warmly wafting and asking us to stop taking pictures and start eating, goddammit.

Smash Truck donuts

As we go in to taste, we notice that the donut breaks apart very easily. The outer crust (which is, as we anticipated, quite crisp and crunchy), separates readily from the insides, which is a new and interesting behavior for a donut.

Smash Truck donut

Eating the inside in isolation, we’re a little disappointed it doesn’t have more flavor, but it does taste good and it’s very moist. And although it doesn’t have tons of flavor, what’s there is clean and fresh. There’s nothing mucking anything up, and we can no longer take that for granted.


Duc: It’s moist, and good. I don’t like how the shell and insides completely separate because I want to enjoy the juxtaposition of soft and crunchy pieces together and that’s hampered when they’re not attached to each other. Overall it has an ok texture. I’m really glad it’s moist.
Score: 3/5

: I really enjoy the thick crustiness. It’s rare to achieve such a true texture contrast, and it balances nicely with the moistness of the inside, which could have been a bit lighter and fluffier, but the moistness made it ok.
Score: 4/5


Duc: I think the inside is pretty average tasting, although it’s sweeter which is good. The outside is fried and sugary, so it’s obviously fine.
Score: 3/5

Laurel: I liked the flavor of the inside more than Duc did. It sort of reminded me of coffeecake. I also appreciated that it had flavor, period. We’ve experienced a lot of donuts that just don’t really taste like anything in the inside. These insides had potential, but they weren’t quiiite there. But they were still good.
Score: 4/5

Smash Truck donut

Final Score

Adding our scores together, the Smash Truck gets 7/10.

Since the good folks at the Smash Truck invited us to heavily judge their donuts, we had pretty high expectations. While the donuts could have wowed us more, they were certainly better than most of the donuts we’ve had in this non-donut town we live in, so their overall score seems pretty good.

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