We had a few reasons to be happy when we set out to taste Wegman’s donuts:

First, we already knew that we like Wegman’s donuts. Although we hadn’t officially tasted them yet for the Ithaca Donut Review, they’ve been our go-to donut for bringing to work to share for quite some time.

Second, ’s best friend from childhood was visiting Ithaca all the way from Seattle, so she was there to help. Of course, much like Laurel approximately two years ago, she doesn’t really like donuts.. so it was a little silly. She ate salad, watched us stuff our faces with deep-fried sweets, and looked cute in the flowers with her straw hat.

Wegman's Donuts

For our part, we set our prior thoughts of Wegman’s donuts aside, remained unbiased, and tasted a sample selection of the many donuts Wegman’s has to offer.

You want to actually hear about these donuts?

Sounds fair.

We start with the chocolate-glazed yeast donut (which we ate with much delight on National Doughnut Day). It is tender, succulent, smooth, and we just love it.

The chocolate glaze is melting down the sides as Duc breaks it apart, and our mouths are gleaking all over the place.

Wegman's Donuts - Chocolate Glazed

As we eat it, we both immediately use the adjectives “soft” and “fluffy” — and Duc goes so far as to rate it a 4.5/5. Laurel sticks to a 4, noting that the dough could use more flavor. Texture-wise, neither of us have any complaints.

Next, we move to the chocolate cake donut.

Wegman's Donuts - Chocolate Cake

It has decent moisture, and the texture is pretty nice, but it just doesn’t taste like chocolate. And the inside dough is awkwardly separating from the outside shell.

Wegman’s!!! We were gunning for you. Disappointed, Laurel chucks the rest of her donut into the inlet.

Wegman's Donuts

Laurel gives the donut a 2.5; Duc a 3.

Onward! To the sour cream donut!

Wegman's Donuts - Old Fashioned Donut

We are both pretty disappointed by this one. It’s much drier than the other donuts, and we suspect it might be a day old. There is a vague staleness to the flavor, as well. We aren’t impressed.

Wegman's Donuts - Old Fashioned Donut

At most donut shops, extra flavor and texture gained from the sour cream in the dough tend to make this donut an easy one to make tasty. Wegman’s version doesn’t live up to its donut brothers.

Dry and stale? We both give it a 2/5.

Next, plain glazed:

Wegman's Donuts - Plain Glazed Donut

Duc is pretty excited to get into this one.

As he breaks it apart, he can tell it’s going to be good. Much like the chocolate-glazed version, this donut is incredibly moist, and with a subtle crustiness to the outside layer.

Wegman's Donuts - Plain Glazed Donut

We both love it. Laurel is still hoping for a bit more flavor (More yeastiness in the dough? More vanilla in the glaze?) and rates the donut 4.5, while Duc admits that he could eat half a dozen of them and gives it a 5.

Finally, cinnamon sugar:

Wegman's Donuts - Cinnamon Sugar

We are somewhat divided on this one. Duc likes it a lot, noting the nice cinnamon-sugar flavor and similar tastiness of the cake dough. He rates it a 4.

Wegman's Donuts - Cinnamon Sugar

Laurel likes that she can taste nutmeg in the dough, which theoretically could really merge with the cinnamon-sugar flavor pleasantly, but ultimately doesn’t find the taste very enjoyable. She gives it a 3. An average donut.

We make Ashley try this one, and she begrudgingly gives it a taste.

Wegman's Donuts

“I mean, it tastes like a donut,” she says.

Laurel is just happy she’s in Ithaca.

So we feed the remaining donut scraps to the ducks…

Wegman's Donuts

The babies come out to get a taste….

Wegman's Donuts

And Laurel and Ashley decide that instead of poisoning the duck babies with fat and sugar, they should just focus on loving each other.

Wegman's Donuts

All told, Wegman’s scores average out to 3.5/5.

Another way to look at these scores, however, is that Wegman’s yeast donuts get a 4.5 and Wegman’s cake donuts get a 3.

So if you like yeast donuts, Wegman’s is doing pretty damn well for you. But if you like cake donuts… maybe buy a cookie instead.

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  1. I have been getting a chocolate glazed doughnut for my son every day. the last few days there is no glaze on the doughnut. It looks there is something sprayed on the doughnut.Is Wegman’s cutting down on the Glaze to save money ???? When I ask about this they look at me like i’m from a different planet I shop at Wegman’s Hudson Ave. every day.

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